A range of “perfect skin” care, activator of the cellular metabolism. They help the cells to defend themselves and activate the regeneration process. So powerful that a tiny amount is enough for an optimal action.

 La Crème Intelligente Acti+ Day & Night

Perfect complexion, hydration, youth

The first cream that identifies the problems of your skin and creates deep regeneration. Its unctuous and light texture conceals technological prowess: specialized molecules that target those areas where your skin needs radiance, hydration, youth...

Its formula is rich with Cherry blossom extracts that activate cellular metabolism, helping your skin to better defend itself against external aggressions (UV, pollution...) and promoting the elimination of toxins; white Lily extracts with restructuring and anti-dark spot properties, and vitamins E and C.

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La Crème Intelligente Acti+ Look & Smile

Smoothing, toning, decongesting

Apply it ... and let it work. Intelligent thanks to its specially formulated molecules, this cream knows how to target the needs of each of your cells.

It is rich in antioxidant Water Clover extracts that strengthen collagen synthesis and restore firmness and tone to the skin, decongestant caffeine derived exclusively from green Coffee beans, and hydrating hyaluronic acid. It is formulated without perfume for a smooth and effective action.

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Le Sérum Majesté

Activator of the cellular metabolism

A revolutionary formulation for an intense triple-action serum that can be applied to the face, eye contour area, and the lips.

Precious Cherry blossom extracts activate cell metabolism and help the skin remove toxins and defend against attacks. A synergy of extracts of White Lily and Sea Fern acts on the regulation of key mechanisms of skin pigmentation to restore all its radiance to the skin. Enriched with vitamin C.

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Intense freshness and tender colors are at the rendez-vous of innovative treatments drawn from the treasures of Nature to wake up your skin.

L’Infusion Tilleul Régénérante

Purifies, moisturizes, revives

Intensely fresh, this comfort lotion preserves the skin while offering an armful of well-being.

Rich in Lime extracts with emollient and smoothing properties, and energizing and oxygenating Soy protein extracts, it contains a precious treasure.

The ultimate in skin care and the awakening of its radiance.

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Avant-garde and revolutionary in their formulation and their galenic, our care comes from the last discoveries une the dermatological science field.

L’Ampoule de Vie

A cure of youth & vitality

An elixir of life created with advanced technology developed by our laboratories.

The heart of each ampoule contains a precious concentrate of oils: Acai to neutralize the oxidative stress and protect against pollution, Hibiscus rich in linoleic and fruits acids that boost the production of collagen, Iris Nayolis for intense hydration. This powerful heart is covered by an anti-aging aqueous shield, packed with micro-molecules of hyaluronic acid. The osmosis between the two textures, which combine as soon as the ampoule bursts between your fingers, facilitates the penetration of the assets.

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These smart products suit your skin to take care of your specific needs.

▸ Innovative, they inroduce a new gesture. A ritual that will shower you with its benefits ...

▸ Take a small amount of product: 2 drops of serum or a pearl of cream are enough for an optimal effect.

▸ Warm it gently between the palms of your hands.

▸ Always apply the product to clean skin, from the bottom to the top - from the base of the chin to the temples and then to the forehead.

▸ Take the time to breathe deeply. Each of our treatments is associated with a light fragrance from our aromatherapy research. True beauty also comes from within ...

▸ Alternate the manual wrap with a slight draining pressure.

▸  The application time varies ... according to the needs of your skin. Our products work by osmotic pressure: hungry and thirsty cells absorb the products more quickly.