Alliance naturelle-Paris

the culmination of out history


In the distance, majestic castles and an endless string of gardens loaded with the history of France. Under our feet, our roots.

Since 1992, our research, formulation, creation and cosmetic production facilities have been located south of Paris, among the hidden treasures of the Châteaux de la Loire Valley.




This region was not yet the French Cosmetic Valley, world center of perfumery and cosmetics. It was the country of our ancestor, the Marquis de Louvois, minister of Louis XIV, successor of Colbert, in charge of the Buildings, the Arts and the Manufactures of France, a man of honor whom Voltaire praised for his “indiscreet ardor of work ." A few kilometers away, the imposing family castle of Courtanvaux. On the other side, the innovation of our grandfather: the "kitchen garden of the king" whose fruits and vegetables, cultivated with the love of the true, nourished Versailles with their output.


Brand of excellence, it was created in 2016, in Paris, near the Champs-Elysées and the Royal Place de la Concorde. This is where our creative center is located, combining the quintessential elements of our knowledge:

The selection of the best natural extracts that make up at least 90% of each of our products.

State-of-the-art scientific and technological research that allows us spectacular cosmetic advances to create intelligent products.

Packaging designed to naturally preserve the effectiveness of our care.

Since the Valley of the Kings of France, we have been deploying our know-how in the rest of the world.

Our Values


Nature is our most precious treasure.  It showers us with benefits. It whispers its secrets of beauty, health, youth… While generous, nature shares its precious assets. But it is also fragile and therefore depends on us to be kind and respectful in return. Alliance Naturelle is committed to preserving it.

Intelligent products


Developed in our laboratories from natural, active ingredients, our revolutionary formulas are based on innovative technologies integrating the laws of microphysics and molecular physics.

Made in France, respectfully


Our production facilities, located in France in the heart of the Cosmetic Valley, are ISO 22716 certified. That label means we impose strict measures and employ the best manufacturing practices to create our cosmetic products.

Pure extracts


Our products are created using pure, natural extracts – plants, flowers or seaweed - as respectful of your skin as they are of the environment. We prefer organic ingredients, extracting just the proper quantities.

A demanding charter


All our products are formulated with a minimum of 90% natural ingredients. They contain 0% Paraben and O% GMO. Your skin deserves the best.

Art in the spotlight


We actively support French artists who explore the themes of Nature which are at the heart of our values. Creative input from these chosen artists transforms our products’ inner packaging into works of art.

Artwork Sandra Matamoros :